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College Football Top 25: Blogpoll Ballot Week 13


After having been unable to submit a ballot for two straight weeks due to circumstances beyond my control, the A Sea of Blue Blogpoll Ballot returns in all its glory.

This week features a bit of chaos, with differences so vast from my most recent (Week 10) that I hardly recognize the thing.  Well, that's not quite true, but TCU and Southern Cal are newcomers from deep down my rankings this week on the strength of USC's major upset of the Oregon Ducks and TCU's defeat of Boise St. two weekends ago.

The biggest changes, per usual, occur in teams like Houston and Virginia Tech reaching the top ten.  But the big news is three SEC teams at the tip-top, not just on my ballot, but on every major ballot.  This sets up a showdown next week between LSU and Arkansas for all the marbles.

Ballot after the jump.  Comment away.

Here is my ballot: