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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Poole Contemplating Transfer

Will Stacey Poole Jr. be leaving the Wildcats?
Will Stacey Poole Jr. be leaving the Wildcats?

According to a report from Kyle Tucker at the Louisville Courier Journal, Kentucky sophomore Stacey Poole, Jr's father is leaning on him to transfer from Kentucky.  The story contains some incredibly frank quotes, with the gist being that Poole Sr. does not see his son getting playing time with all of the talent on hand.  In my opinion, though, things take a pretty dark turn with this:

At the end of the day, I’m going to make the call. He’s 20, but he’s still a kid. Four years from now, he can blame his father if it doesn’t work out.

Poole Sr., as the story points out, was a college star, Florida's #4 all-time leading scorer.  His son will likely struggle to see the floor this year. But UK's history is littered with kids who sat behind more talented players early in their careers, then found stardom or at least notoriety in their own right later on.  If Stacy thinks it is in his best interest to leave, I wish him the best and frankly wouldn't blame him a bit.  The decision being made for him, that doesn't sit quite so well.