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Kentucky Wildcats Memory Lane: Ventrell Jenkins Decapitates ECU Defender

This is one of those videos you just can't watch enough times.  This is one of them.

For those of you who remember, it was Kentucky versus the East Carolina Pirates in the 2009 Liberty Bowl.  The Wildcats won that game 25-19, but this scene will live forever in Kentucky lore.

2008-09 was not a great year for Kentucky football, but they did manage to go 6-6 and eke into the Liberty Bowl.  The Wildcats had an impotent offense that year as well (although not as bad as this year), but the defense was very, very good, and Ventrell Jenkins was a stalwart on the defensive line.

Given the amazing stiffarm in this video, I think maybe Jenkins could have been a pretty good fullback, too.  But alas, the days of iron-man football have long since passed us by. That doesn't keep us from appreciating this memorable, and downright incredible play.