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Kentucky 3 @ South Carolina 20: Second Half Open Game Thread

First half fail. (via <a href="">compujeramey</a>)
First half fail. (via compujeramey)

There are so many things wrong with this game so far, it simply exceeds my capacity to explain.  Morgan Newton has had a game that is so bad, I wonder if we could even beat an average middle school team offensively right now.

Fortunately for Kentucky, South Carolina hasn't played great, or they would be ahead by 50.  Connor Shaw is playing well for a first-time full-game starter, and Alshon Jeffery continues to kill our secondary, but that's not new.

The defense is trying, but with such an impotent offense, it is the very definition of futility.  I can't quite understand why Joker doesn't pull Newton in favor of just about anybody.

Anyway, join me in suffering as we get to groan through yet another half of epic offensive ineptitude.