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SEC Power Poll Week 5: Ballot And Results


The SEC Power Poll has gotten away from me the last couple of weeks, but I'm getting my groove back.  I swear.  Anyway, the results are up over at Team Speed Kills, and unsurprisingly it is LSU and Alabama, neck in neck.

Kentucky winds up deservedly last in the SEC Power Poll.  Make no mistake, the Wildcats have stunk up the SEC this year on offense, and the reek is so incredibly profound that nothing else matters.  How bad is it?  Kentucky has scored 75 points in five games.  That's 15 whole points per game, and that includes games with two cupcakes.  The next nearest to us is Vanderbilt with 102, (25.5 ppg) but they are sporting a 3-1 record.

My ballot follows the jump.

Team cWL W-L SoS PF-PA MoV Polls Remarks
LSU 2-0 5-0 9.79 190-64 25.2 1,2 Easily handled Kentucky. The Gators look to be next on the menu.
Alabama 2-0 5-0 10.58 192-42 30.0 2,3 Trampled the hapless Gators and their team speed into protoplasm.
Arkansas 0-1 4-1 8.86 197-114 16.6 10,12 Nice comeback win after the Elephants sat on them.
South Carolina 2-1 4-1 10.09 159-119 8.0 18,14 Ugly loss, ugly offensive team. For all their talent, they have issues.
Florida 2-1 4-1 10.11 171-74 19.4 17,18 Fast, small, and too light to run on the Tide.
Auburn 2-0 4-1 11.08 153-137 3.2 15,23 The team that looks bad but wins close games.
Tennessee 0-1 3-1 11.10 151-82 17.3 36 Ate a cupcake, but the Dawgs won't be so accomodating.
Georgia 2-1 3-2 11.07 173-103 14.0 32 Winning small. Can they handle the Gators?
Vanderbilt 1-1 3-1 9.51 102-63 9.8
Open date
Mississippi State 0-3 2-3 6.80 135-118 3.4
Reached #16 in the polls before dropping out of the top 50. Winless in conference.
Mississippi 0-2 2-3 8.64 113-123 -2.0
Hey, a win is a win, even at Fresno State.
Kentucky 0-2 2-3 6.96 75-123 -9.6
A defense with no offense. The only way this team could offend is if they farted in an elevator.

The poll voters rewarded Auburn more than I did, but I can't blame them much for that.  I have Tennessee above Georgia right now solely because of their records, but I do think Georgia is a better team.

Kentucky can't even draw my homer vote.  That's how bad we have sucked so far this year.