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Kentucky Football News: Randall Cobb Bye Week Edition

Do you really need to ask me why this Kentucky Wildcats version of football links is named after Randall Cobb?  I didn't think so.  Randall is a player of the only currently undefeated NFL football team and he has had a week off.  I have done some searching and I am pretty sure he could be attending our first ever blackout.  Plus, I wanted to grace our front page with his shiny eyes for the sake of it.  His tweets are all about staying positive, dreaming, and believing good things will happen. Those are always good thoughts to have and to share.

For those of us that remain more in football mode at a time when basketball is a little more than a future sport and find ourselves searching to read more odd-shaped ball news, this is for us.  Just a few links merely to alleviate our football "jonesing".  If you lean more towards a basketball fan type, you might find something interesting as well.

First off, according to Randall's tweets, he has spent time this week with family and friends, including dinner last night with friends, including John Wall.  Sometimes it is interesting to know a little about certain people's engagements.  I don't tweet about what I am doing and I rarely "check-in" on facebook.  I am not that interesting.

The Courier-Journal has this link about our D-Line beef.  They are looking really good, or a lot better now.

Tim Couch will be Saturday's color analyst for FSS and has some thoughts on our team as well.

Does MSU need a win more than the Wildcats do?  I think not.

Dan Mullen said "They're a good football team",  talking about UK.  Most coaches talk-up their opponents.  Though Mullen is counting on our turnovers to help the Bulldogs.

'Cats versus 'Dogs turns into possible Bowl versus Or Not.

I know this is short as there are not many links to find.  Another search pointing to it being basketball season once again. If you have more, please share them.

Now, I propose we support our football team the way Randall would.  He is all about support. The twelfth man is needed too, after all.  It is a night game and the last race for the day at Keeneland will have been run.  Please show the team as well as the viewers some Big Blue Nation support.  It may be a great game because football can be very unpredictable.  I'm hearing from a few that we are the pick to win.  I'm really good with that.  I am really interested to see how many fans show up in blue or black.  I expect Commonwealth to look entirely different tomorrow night.

On a last note, looking a bit ahead, does anyone know if next Saturday we play the Colonel Rebs, the Colonel Ackbars, or the Rebel Bears?  At this point, I just wish they would decide about a true mascot.  Hopefully one that everyone is happy with.

Go 'Cats!  Beat the Dogs.