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Kentucky Basketball 2011-12: The Pursuit Of #8

The quest for NCAA Tournament title #8 has been a long one, now 12 seasons and counting.  There have been longer droughts without a championship, certainly.  The interregnum between 1978 and 1996 was seemingly interminable, and then suddenly, we were in the national championship conversation for three straight years with two titles.

So in honor of the pursuit, I offer this video from ukcat8fan.  It is among the most stirring and exciting you will see:

If you aren't fired up after seeing this, check your surroundings.  If you see Mike Krzyzewski there with a pitchfork in his hand, you have been bad.  If you look up and see a royal blue halo over your head, you have been good.  But in either case, you are no longer among the living. 

If you have discorporated without being aware of it, don't worry -- we'll pick up the slack for you as best we can.  Go Big Blue!