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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: We Are Kentucky

We've all seen Big Blue Madness by now, and we have an idea of what we have and what lies before us.  This is the most talented Kentucky team to be fielded in many years, and possibly the most flexible both offensively and defensively.  But before we get to the season previews, let's stop for just a second and remember exactly why it is that Kentucky fans are so crazy about this sport:

Ah, yes. Now I think we all remember.

It isn't just the history, or the pageantry, or the passion that makes this the Commonwealth's team.  It is all of that, plus the vast number of basketball-crazed fans in this relatively small state that makes UK basketball kind of a big deal.  The media follows Kentucky very closely for a reason -- because they know that when they talk about the Wildcats, every college basketball fan pays attention.

Very few teams command the kind of respect and even awe that Kentucky does, and if Calipari continues to improve his coaching to match his recruiting, the Wildcats will ascend to the top of the mountain and plant the UK flag there, and dare other programs to knock us off.  It has been a long, hard slog back from the depths of the latter portion of the last decade, but now we have nothing but the glory road before us.

Those that stand in our way will be defeated.  The time to reclaim what has been rightfully ours no less than seven times is now.  We have waited long ... too long.  The waiting is over.  This team is built for greatness, root, branch and tree.  All Coach Cal has to do is teach them the right way to win, the right way to play, and let them take us to the promised land.

We are Kentucky!  It's time to reclaim the crown, and tread upon the heads of the pretenders.  Let's get a little life around this place and get hyped for #8.

I feel it in my bones.  This is the year.  Let us begin.