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'Twas the Day Before Madness

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to read you a little story written for OUR 2011-2012 Kentucky Wildcats.

Twas the day before Madness and all through the land
Awakened 'Cat fans are wringing their hands.
The masses prepare for the roster to see
With hopes for a season of much more to be.

This moment awaited, for months without fail
The promise of greatness, would soon be unveiled.
Will we speak talent when we witness your traits
Or will we just smile and think this is eight?

The team is now ready, the blue you will wear
Our house will be rocking from cheers in the air.
Your stats we've reviewed again and again
The sixth man is ready, the season begins.

The music will blast, the fog will spread wide
New members in shock of the blue sea inside.
You've heard of this crazy, a few times before
Excitement increases when you enter the door.

Darius and Eloy, the seniors will be
Next, Twany's a transfer while Jon blew his knee.
Then Terrence and Doron elected return
With Jarod and Stacey, and Ryan to now learn.

Marquis and Michael, both new 'Cats will be
With Anthony and Kyle, more newbies to see.
Sam and Brian are extensions to the team
Kentucky Wildcats they wanted to dream.

We've learned your names, and watched all your clips
Discussed your positions and readied the ship.
An honor to hold, to guide our blue boat
The only thing asked, just keep it afloat.

We'll follow you far, show up where you need
Soon you will know too what color we bleed.
Be not frightened when you witness our joy
Quickly you'll learn you are one of our boys.

Remember we're die-hard, remember we're true
Just a few fans that are nourished by blue.
The quest begins now, in a place we call home
We've charted our course to the Superdome.

Now gather your family, round up all your friends
Let's launch this new journey to see where it ends.
We'll praise your talents as you start your deep run
Just remember one thing and know to have fun.


Thanks for listening and Go Big Blue!