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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 6


Here we are at week 6 in the SEC power poll, and while there isn't much movement in the very top of the poll, the middle teams are jumping around quite a bit.  Florida has hit the skids with two blowout losses in a row, and a road win by Georgia boosts the Dawgs a bit after they have been down.

My ballot follows the jump.

Here we go:

Rank Team cWL W-L SoS PF-PA MoV Polls Comments
1 LSU 3-0 6-0 10.25 231-75 26.0 1,2 This team is rolling, crushing the opposition as if they were talkin' about their mamas.
2 Alabama 3-0 6-0 10.24 226-42 30.7 2,3 When LSU and Alabama finally get together, it may affect the Earth's orbit.
3 Arkansas 1-1 5-1 8.80 235-128 17.8 10,11 Auburn's defense was no match for the Hawgs.
4 South Carolina 3-1 5-1 8.60 213-122 15.2 15,13 I don't know if Kentucky's basketball team could hang a margin like this on the Gamecocks'. I doubt it, actually.
5 Georgia 3-1 4-2 10.17 193-115 13.0 29,33 Grinding out victories in an uninspiring way, but it beats losing.
6 Auburn 2-1 4-2 12.02 167-175 -1.3 24,29 Finally exposed to an offense that didn't have a 1960's flower child at quarterback.
7 Florida 2-2 4-2 8.03 182-115 11.2 26 The mighty Gators scored 21 points against LSU and Alabama combined, and gave up a Kentucky-like 79 combined points. Ouch.
8 Tennessee 0-2 3-2 10.72 163-102 12.2
Tennessee loses their main weapon, Tyler Bray, for at least six games. Munson'd again.
9 Vanderbilt 1-2 3-2 8.94 102-97 1.0
No match for Alabama, but at least they didn't give up 54 points to a sophomore quarterback.
10 Mississippi State 0-3 3-3 7.55 156-121 5.8
Defeated hapless UAB after losing the first half.
11 Mississippi 0-2 2-3 8.80 113-123 -2.0
Off week
12 Kentucky 0-3 2-4 6.80 78-177 -16.5
There are no words to describe the futility of Kentucky's offense. It is the second-worst in all of FBS, and it didn't look that good against the Gamecocks.

It sucks to have to make such pejorative comments about your own team, but let's be honest here -- Kentucky has really stunk up the SEC this year, especially offensively.  The loss to South Carolina only cements that fact.

Poor Tennessee.  First they lose their stud receiver Justin Hunter, now their starting quarterback Tyler Bray.  This after all the abuse they have taken from the NCAA.  I feel for them, but unlike Kentucky, they have an excuse.

I can't remember the last time UK brought up the rear on my ballot two times in a row.  Depressing.

Auburn is really poised to take a dive.  If last week's game against Arkansas is any indication, they are going to have trouble stopping an angry Gator team next week.  A lot depends, though, when Florida gets back their starting QB.

Your comments are all that's needed to complete this.  What do you think of the ballot?