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Big Blue All Stars vs. Villains -- Christian Laettner Stirs Up The Loathing

You have to admit, the advertisement for this game hits all the right buttons.  Any UK fan who remembers the greatest college game ever played will feel definite pangs of anger and frustration at this commercial:

Ouch.  Who would have imagined that "The Stomp" would ever be used to promote something UK fans might want to attend?  Sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction.

The promotion has lots of, well, interesting T-shirts and other apparel for UK fans to enjoy, and this looks like it could be quite a bit of fun.  I do hope everyone takes all this "hate" stuff in stride and doesn't go all Harvey Updike on Laettner, but barring that, I think that it should be a good time for all concerned.  Rupp Arena might set a new decibel record for boos when Laettner is introduced, but I'm sure he's both expecting and enjoying that prospect.

As you know by now, (King) Rex Chapman will be coaching the Big Blue All Stars, which should include such worthies as Jodie Meeks, DeMarcus Cousins, Brandon Knight, Deandre Liggins, Eric Bledsoe, Chuck Hayes and Josh Harrellson.  The Villains may include such notable UK enemies as Terrence Williams, Joakim Noah, Corey Brewer, Kemba Walker, Rudy Gay, Tyler Hansbrough, and Nolan Smith.  If I need to tell you where any of these guys played, you aren't paying close enough attention to the Wildcats.

Anyway, the outcome of this game based on the rosters I have seen is very much in doubt, as there is a ton of talent on both sides.  But it should be good fun, and just imagine how mad we'll all be if we get Laettner'd again.  Let's hope not.

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