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Kentucky Wildcats -- Zereaux @ LSU Tigers -- 14: Second Half Open Game Thread

Well, that first half was not exactly exciting football, but as we all figured, LSU's defense is way better than UK's non-offense.  Kentucky has 45 total yards for the half.  That's about as futile as any offense I've ever seen.

With that said, Kentucky is still in this football game.  A turnover here or a special teams play there could put this team within a touchdown of the #1 team in the country, and that would be something to see.  I'm not getting my hopes up, but the UK defense has played about as well as any team in the country so far, and they have limited LSU to only 77 yards on the ground, and were flat robbed on a no-call by a brain-dead official that cost UK 4 points at least.

Interesting game so far, and by no means a runaway.  Maybe lighting will strike in the second half, although it's more likely to strike against UK than for them.  But we'll see.

Go, 'Cats!