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Kentucky Wildcats (10) @ Georgia Bulldogs: Pregame

For those wondering about the postmortem for the BBVA Compass Bowl, we'll get that done later.  I'm too foul to do one right now anyway, I'd probably have to post a retraction for a bunch of intemperate comments later, so I'm saving myself some embarrassment by putting it off.

The pregame for the Kentucky Wildcats @ Georgia Bulldogs game will necessarily be brief.

First a look at the team's records:

Kentucky Georgia
Split W-L Pct W-L Pct
Home 7-0 1.0 7-0 1.0
Away 1-1 0.5 3-0 1.0
Neutral 4-1 0.8 1-2 0.333
Conference 0-0 - 0-0 -
Conf Home 0-0 - 0-0 -
Conf Away 0-0 - 0-0 -
Conf Neutral 0-0 - 0-0 -
Top 25 2-0 1.0 0-1 0.0
RPI 1-50 2-2 0.5 0-0 -
RPI 51-100 1-0 1.0 0-1 0.0
RPI 101-150 0-0 - 1-0 1.0
RPI 151-200 4-0 1.0 2-0 1.0
RPI 200+ 1-0 1.0 5-0 1.0

Kentucky is currently #8 in the RPI, and Georgia is #60.  Despite having identical numbers of losses (Georgia has played one less game), Kentucky has played a much tougher schedule so far than the Dawgs.  But the Dawgs do sport two of the better players in the SEC, Howard Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie.  Thompkins is third in the SEC in points per 40 minutes, and Leslie is a dynamic athlete who can do everything except shoot the ball from the perimeter at a high percentage.

The Four Factors

Kentucky leads the Dawgs in every statistical area except offensive rebounding %, where they are very nearly tied.  Based on these numbers, you figure UK to be a favorite, and they are by 7.5 points.

Overall Analysis

Georgia is a solid SEC East team that is capable of beating Kentucky in Athens.  The problem is, they are not a great offensive or defensive team, and they really struggle from the perimeter.  Georgia does bring some quality players who are capable of having huge games, and they will really work hard for this one.

For Kentucky, it's just a question of doing what they have done all year -- take care of the basketball, shoot the three, and hang in on the offensive glass.  If they do that, it should be a better day for them than it was for the football team.