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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: John Calipari Thinks The 'Cats Have An Enormous Upside

Coach John Calipari told the press recently, via Eammon Brennan at ESPN, that the Wildcats are playing at "50-60%" of the level of which they are capable. Now, that's a strong statement, because even though this year's Kentucky team has lost four games, when they execute well, they have looked very good against a tougher SEC than last year.

So if Calipari's math makes sense, what he's saying is that this team is roughly playing at half their capability, and I confess, that seems like a stretch to me. I am willing to grant that they could easily be 25% better than they are right now, and would even acquiesce to 30% if you raise your voice a little in the argument. But 40-50%?

Far be it from me to insist that I know more about Calipari's players than he does. But if we accept the argument that the Wildcats are essentially playing with one hand behind their back at least 75% of the time, I have to question why the coach isn't getting more out of them sooner? Maybe it's just the freshman in them, or maybe it's the cold weather, or the harsh language distracting the team. I'll cop to any of that.

Of course, I'm excited to think that this team could be nearly twice as good as they are. I'm a little miffed that it's taken us over half the season to achieve 50-60% of our potential, but hey, if Calipari can get us the rest of the way, I guess I'll forgive the gradual improvement. Because let's face it, folks, if the 'Cats can be 40-50% better than this, the national championship is absolutely doable.

Coach, if you can get that much more out of this team, I'm all in, 100%. Faster, please.