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SEC Power Poll: A Sea of Blue's Ballot


Somehow, I have forgotten to submit my ballot the last couple of times for the SEC Power Poll, but not this week.

This week saw a bit of shaking out, but I am still skeptical of some winners and bullish on some losers.  A few teams, like the South Carolina Gamecocks really are starting to look like spoilers, and possibly even teams who could finish with a record far above where they were figured in the pre-season.  The Alabama crimson tide also looks like they are improving, but their schedule and performance to date is not very inspiring.

Others, like the Mississippi Rebels, and LSU Tigers, just aren't playing very well right now and may really be headed to the bottom.  The Auburn Tigers, of course, are on the bottom, and likely to stay there.

[UPDATE]:  The poll results are up.

Ballot after the jump.

Here we go:

Rnk Team RPI Rnk W L Comments
1 Kentucky 15 14 3 Dominant performances against the weak, but they get tougher comp on Tuesday with the Tide. Strong buy.
2 Florida 9 13 4 Tough loss to the Gamecocks, but still in it to win it. Buy.
3 Vanderbilt 24 12 4 Couldn't handle the schizophrenic Vols at home, but still look very tough. Buy this stock.
4 Tennessee 17 11 6 Big rivalry victory versus the 'Dores. Will it breathe life into this talented but leaderless team? Hold this stock.
5 Georgia 43 13 3 Dominated Ole Miss on the road, but the Vols are a whole different level of challenge. Hold this stock.
6 South Carolina 95 11 5 This Gamecock team is looking a lot more threatening than this rating suggests. Nobody wants to play them right now. Buy this stock.
7 Alabama 173 10 7 I'm still not convinced the Tide have what it takes. Hold this stock, but barely.
8 Mississippi 71 12 6 0-3 start in the SEC leaves the Rebs with a big hill to climb to reach any kind of post season. Sell this stock.
9 Arkansas 108 12 4 Big win against the Tide, but the Hawgs are a poor road team so far. Hold, barely.
10 Mississippi St. 153 9 7 Two wins in a row. I'm keeping them here because I'm skeptical, but this team bears watching. Hold.
11 Louisiana St. 141 10 8 Weak team who can't score even if left undefended, and riddled with injury. Sell and then burn the receipt.
12 Auburn 308 7 9 No need to tell anyone to sell this stock, because nobody outside the state of Alabama owns it.

Agree?  Disagree?  Give me your thoughts.