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LSU Tigers 44 @ Kentucky Wildcats (13) 82: Postmortem

This was one of those games that was almost over before it started.  The LSU Tigers took a 2-game SEC winning streak into Rupp Arena and came out bloody on the other side.  It was a forgettable day for LSU, and a return to form for the Kentucky Wildcats.

First of all, thanks to the Tigers for coming in and giving their best effort despite suffering the difficulties of having their leading scorer on the bench with an injury, their best rebounder hobbled with tendinitis, and running into a Wildcat buzz saw.  There really wasn't too much the undermanned LSU team could do with Kentucky today.  The 'Cats were making shots, rebounding the ball, and turning it over rarely.  Combined with LSU's youth and depletion, it was a deadly combination for the Tigers.

Kentucky played one of their best ballgames of the season today, and that's the big reason why the margin was so lopsided.  Even though LSU was hobbled by youth and injury, Kentucky would have given the Boston Celtics a real challenge in Rupp Arena today.  Every Kentucky player made shots, Josh Harrellson returned to two-handed rebounding form, and the Wildcats ran away with every statistical category.


  • Brandon Knight.  Knight got the Wildcats off to a great start by hitting two threes back to back.  He played sticky defense, shared the ball, and led the team -- exactly what you want from a point guard.  Game ball.
  • DeAndre Liggins.  Liggins did everything -- score, rebound, pass, defend.  Great all around game.
  • Darius Miller was also terrific, and aggressive both on offense and defense.
  • Doron Lamb does what he always does, plus led the team in assists.
  • Jon Hood played a season high 20 minutes and had four rebounds, one offensive, and a stickback off a Harrellson miss that got Calipari jumping for joy.
  • Josh Harrellson did his job, and I particularly liked his defensive footwork today, it was just impressive.  He looked ugly trying to score, and he made a couple of turnovers due to really ill-advised passes.  For the most part, though, Josh made the simple play, two-handed every rebound, and responded to Calipari's message with a game he can be proud of.
  • Eloy Vargas still looks incredibly clumsy and ponderous out there.  His footwork is abysmal.  But he is bringing good effort and having limited, but measurable success.
  • Terrence Jones looked out of control all day and shot the ball poorly from the field, but he made almost all his free throws and had a decent number of rebounds.  Not quite up to last game's standard, but more than enough today.

Kentucky was really aggressive on defense, and it bothered the Tigers.  Calipari got the kind of game he can be proud of from this young team.  It wasn't perfect, but there was a lot more to like on both sides of the ball than to complain about.  This game, despite it's uncompetitive nature, looks like a return to the Kentucky we had gotten used to in the first half of the season.

Overall, a very good game for Kentucky with a lot of things to build on.  The Alabama Crimson Tide are up next.