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Kentucky Basketball: It's Wildcat Tip-off Time!

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The 2010-11 version of Wildcat Tip-off is headed to a store near you, and is available for pre-ordering right now on line at the Maple Street Press website.

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Just like last year, this annual is chock full of enough great articles, stats cuts, and pictures to get any true-blue Kentucky fan through a long, cold winter of hot, hot basketball action.

Exclusive interviews, in-depth analysis, and compelling writing make this simply the best Kentucky annual available anywhere.  Contributions to this version include:

  • Ken Howlett of A Sea of Blue remembers Rupp's Runts, in detail, including quotes from some of the Runts themselves;
  • Chris Diggs of the Courier-Journal profiles the freshman class;
  • Jon Scott of probes the history of high school all-Americans at Kentucky;
  • Norm Haney is one-on-one with Darius Miller;
  • J.L. Weill meets up with former Wildcat great Kevin Grevey and talks Coach Cal and one-and-dones;
  • Travis Hubbard looks back at the awesome 2009 class, and what they mean to Kentucky in the future;
  • Alan Rucker of examines the out-of-conference schedule;
  • And much more, including a word or two from yours truly!

So if you enjoyed last year's annual, this one is bigger and maybe even better.  If you missed it last year, here's your chance to enjoy some the best writing and analysis available on the Kentucky Wildcats.

The book will be hitting stores like Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens, and many others on October 9th.  So pick up your copy on line, or when they hit the shelves next month.  Enjoy.

Go Cats!