Bledsoe Case Has Wings

Well folks, it looks like the Eric Bledsoe story has yet to complete itself for UK as it now appears that there are discrepancies between the grades reported for Bledsoe by his High School and the grades that are on file with the State of Alabama. Are these discrepancies real or not, that remains to be seen. But they are out there and it is going to be food for the wolves for at least as long as it takes the NCAA to decide if this is something that needs to be pursued.

Here is the article in the Birmingham paper. And it is factual and without editorial nonsense of the Pete Thamel variety. So now we wait. There are those who believe there is a precedent in this case as the Darrel Arthur case of 2006 might shed some light on it. But I was told that that case may not be applicable because Arthur would have qualified without the grade that was changed in his situation. We might as well get ready for some long days and nights until this is over and we know where our record setting season of 2009-2010 is going to end up.


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