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Where I Come From: Introduction

This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

A Sea of Blue will be participating in a series of articles sponsored by EA Sports.  In these pieces, I will be talking a lot more about me than normal, and those of you who, for some perverse reason, wanted to know more about where I come from, both as a person and as a Kentucky fan, will have an opportunity to learn things, possibly even more than you really wanted to know.  Reality TV comes to A Sea of Blue.

Seriously, I think this series will be interesting and informative, and I encourage everyone to participate with stories about yourself and your fandom following the topics of each article.  I think each Big Blue fan has an interesting story or two about himself or herself that others can enjoy, and this is your opportunity to share, learn, and comment about your fellow members of the Big Blue Nation and A Sea of Blue.

These articles, of course, will be about football.  We all know that basketball is the bigger sport at Kentucky, and we have been talking mostly about basketball since last October.  However, football begins in earnest in only a month or so, so the time is nigh for us to begin talking about Kentucky football a bit in the run up to August.

So enjoy the series.  I guarantee it will be different from the standard fare we offer on the site.