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TGIF Hook-ups: Agents, Football, and Five for Friday

O.J. Mayo: Only the tip of the (unscrupulous) agent iceberg?
O.J. Mayo: Only the tip of the (unscrupulous) agent iceberg?

Jody Demling of the Courier-Journal has some quotes from UK basketball target Johnny O'Bryant, as well as another commitment for Joker Phillips.

ESPN has a ton of information regarding the NCAA studying agent/player interaction: 

First up: Pat Forde saying that cooperation is the key to solving the agent issue ...

... Dana O'Neil, Mark Schlabach, and Forde team-up on an outstanding article on the agent/player dilemma ... 

...  finally, Gene Wojciechowski says the NCAA needs streamlining.'s Gary Parrish centers his Five for Friday column on the ongoing saga involving Karen Sypher and Rick Pitino.

And finally, ALLBLUCAT has 10 burning football questions that he simply must answer.