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UK Fans & UK Gear -- How do you show your team support?

A UK basketball autographed by John Wall.  This is a piece of UK gear I would love to have.  How about you?
A UK basketball autographed by John Wall. This is a piece of UK gear I would love to have. How about you?

Ah, the lovely lazy days of summer.  Fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, either grown with our own two hands or purchased from those who grew them, the incredible accommodating weather, basically living out on the deck, cooking each and every meal out on the grill, lounging by the pool, swimsuits, skirts, shorts, sundresses, tank tops, sandals, flip-flops, sweet tea, lemonade, or if you have a taste for something with a kick, maybe you fancy a cold beer, mojito, or simply a bourbon on the rocks to quench your thirst in the months of June, July and August. 

Whatever the case may be, and whatever you may be eating, drinking, growing, or doing to make the most of your summer, the point is that all of this, all of our summer activities, for the most part, all have a sort of fun, light and indescribably free feeling and description about them.

Football season is just around the corner and Ken has given us a great and very in-depth breakdown of the first few games here, and roundball season is a ways off yet, so in keeping with that light, fun, and free-spirited feeling of summer I thought it might be fun to give the actual UK sports such as football and basketball that we all obsess about so much a little break in this post, have a little diversion, and get just a bit more personal and talk about how we as fans display our fandom outwardly. 

We know we are crazy in our love, admiration, and support for our players and teams in other ways such as driving thousands of miles to see games, flying and paying exhorbitant amounts of money to see them in far off destinations such as Hawaii, or even perhaps Alaska -- but how about actual gear?  What are some things we wear to show our support and show our pride for UK?  Are we equally as crazy about UK gear in the sense about what we put on our bodies, in our homes, cars, yards or use in our recreational activities as we are about our feelings for our team?

I suppose it's partly because I'm female and I love, love, love to shop, and I also love all things having to do with apparel, so naturally I'm always curious to know what other people run across to wear, to fly on their flagpole, to put in their yards, to dress their kids in, etc, etc, etc.

Personally, I will say that I'm pretty conservative when it comes to what UK related stuff I wear and what I have.  There is really nothing too out of the ordinary for me, as that also kind of goes with what I wear and how I live normally.  I'm not super crazy in love with sports gear as I really tend to gravitate toward all the latest fashions and designers in what I wear as well as home decor. 

I usually just wear a cute little t-shirt or something on game days (this being one of my favorites for last year and I'm absolutely loving this one for this coming season - so cute!) and I usually wear UK stuff only on game days and either something a pretty simple UK-blue or something like the shirts in the above link.  Oh, and I also have a really neat flag that I fly on game days.  It's one of the old school retro-ish Wildcat giganter-logo flags?  Yeah, it's awesome.  I got it for Christmas last year and I love it. 

Although I don't have any permanent UK tattoos (that's very dedicated, though, I wonder if a lot of people go that far?), I did buy some of those temporary UK tattoos and they are really quite cute.  For example, they look really adorable on the face-cheeks of little girls, I must say.  I also don't really have a ton of other stuff that is UK themed.  I know some people have pajamas, darling little basketball hoops, or going even further, UK-themed cars or even whole rooms in their homes dedicated to UK.  Maybe you have one of those or know someone who does?

Maybe some of you work in pretty casual environments, so you are able to wear all kinds of stuff to work, t-shirts (lord knows we UK fans love a good t-shirt  :  )), shorts or UK flip-flops.  Or perhaps you work in a more professional environment and need to come up with other ways to display your fandom such as UK-related ties or simply oxford-ish type shirts that are UK-blue and white.   Maybe you only wear your UK gear on game days as sports apparel really isn't your thing, or maybe you are superstitious and wear the same shirt all season long or until a loss happens, or wear fuzzy slippers on the morning of game days, maybe you have lucky UK golf balls and tees, or perhaps you use your kids as inspiration?  I know they have some great stuff for kids such as cheerleading outfits, bottles, bibs, one-sies, etc, etc, etc. 

The list is literally endless and I'm sure you get the basic idea here, and I'm also sure you all have different and incredibly fascinating and unique ways of displaying your love for UK during the season, or maybe all year round?  I'm interested in hearing about what you wear or display to show your UK pride.  So spill it.  Let us have it.

Feel free to post some pictures of any cool UK-related gear that you have, that you have seen, that you want, or even pics of you in gear (tasteful, of course - ABC, that's directed at you  :  )) -- as I just love pictures and I'm sure the rest of us do, as well.  Visuals are always great. 

Happy Summer, all!