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Kentucky Basketball: More on the Rumored Investigation

Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News writes that his sources say that UK has not received any notice of investigation (Hat tip:  Matt Jones):

A source close to Kentucky's basketball program told Sporting News that the Wildcats have not been informed by the NCAA of an investigation into their basketball program, in regards to a report Friday by TMZ.

Does this mean that TMZ is wrong?  No, it just means that the NCAA has not notified the school of any investigation nor presented it with a notice of allegations to respond to, if DeCourcy's source is correct.

Also, there's this, which I really enjoyed.  Here's a taste:

But the biggest reason Kentucky players more than likely never violated NCAA rules. They didn't need to.

When you sign for Calipari you know you have a good shot at being a professional in just 12 short months following your high school graduation.


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Marc Maggard has a message for Wildcats fans:

TMZ is wrong. There is no NCAA investigation into UK for ANY reason as of today. This is more reporting from people who don't know stuff.

John Gasaway of Basketball Prospectus has thoughts.  Meanwhile, the Compliance Guy at the Bylaw Blog says that TMZ's report that the NCAA is investigating Kentucky has more credibility than the Tiny Gallon story they reported on earlier this year.

I'm not convinced that's true.

A few stupid Twitter comments:

  • JustinMacCarthy: Could Kentucky's final four get screwed again. Another John Calipari tourney appearance vacated?   [We got to a Final Four last year?  How did I miss that? - Ed.]
  • gonzo19667: RT @coryhat: It was only a matter of time... Calipari/UK under investigation...   [Heh.  Is he, now?  I thought the players were.  I guess reading comprehension is optional these days. -Ed.]
  • Brian__Schmidt:  I luv it! Looks like another banner coming down. RT @jtuttle35: KY Basketball abt to B investigated. Suck it Calipari U dirty dirty man.   [Did we get a banner for the Elite Eight appearance?  Is there some kind of sale one banners, or are we just so hard up we are hanging banners for anything? -Ed.]
  • lvillebuzztap: Cardinal Dominance >> Kentucky Basketball: Did UK Really Expect Anything Different From Calipari and Strickland?   [Using "Cardinal" and "dominance" in the same sentence is the new definition of an oxymoron. -Ed.]
  • MitchS91:  To the John Wall. Seriously though, Calipari is worse than Kelvin Sampson RT @rwendt40 I hope they slam Kentucky to the wall   [Heh.  Worse than Sampson?  That Haterade must be tasty. -Ed.]
  • jdelorenzo: Hey UK fans, how's that Calipari deal look now? Univ. of Kentucky Basketball Players Subject of NCAA   [Pretty good so far.  Thanks for asking! -Ed.]

Twitter is such fun.