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Kentucky Football: SEC Media Days Are Nearly Here

Yes, that's right, it's almost time for SEC Media Days, that time of year where even the attention of the Big Blue Nation must drift away from thinking about a properly round ball to a sport played with an oblate spheroid.

Mostly, SEC Media Days this year will be about Alabama and Florida, the two teams that will supposedly fight it out for SEC supremacy.  But there are lots of subplots and questions surrounding the event in Hoover, Alabama this year.  Here is just a few of them:

  • Whither the Vanderbilt Commodores, now Bobby Johnson-less?
  • How's that NCAA investigation going in Columbia, Head Ball Coach?  Unlike the so far mythical "investigations" surrounding Kentucky basketball, this seems to actually be happening.
  • Can Mark Richt regain his status as the SEC's fair-haired boy, or is Georgia's head coach heading toward a hot place?
  • WWJD -- What Will Joker Do?  No way he can match Rich Brooks dry wit and lovable cumudgeonliness, n'est ce pas?
  • How will Derrick Dooley handle the certain-to-be-asked questions about lawlessness among some of his players?
  • Will LSU be able to put the ball in the end zone this year, or are we to be subjected to another year of games where less than 35 total points are scored?
  • How good can Ryan Mallett make the Razorbacks this year?
  • Is Urban Meyer really fit for duty?
  • Can Dan Mullen get Mississippi State to a bowl?
  • Will the improved Auburn offense make any difference at all to the outcome of the Iron Bowl?
  • Houston Nutt is said to be bringing three linemen with him.  What does that say about his offense?
  • What about those NFL rumors, Nick Saban?  Any interest there?  We know you are a man of your word.

These, and many more like them, will be asked and likely filibustered during media days coming up on the 21st.