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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Wildcats in the NBA Edition

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There is understandably a lot of interest in the NBA summer league game with no less than five new Wildcats trying to display their talents.  Some have had more success than others, and we have a ton of reports today on how they are doing.

  • Summer League Game 3 - Will It Get Better? - Clips Nation

    Bledsoe has shown that he can get into the lane - now if he can only find something positive to do when he gets there, we'll be onto something.

    A few growing pains for Bledsoe at the moment, but he'll get there.

  • Where We Stand: A Simple Breakdown Of The Rockets' Salary Cap Situation - SB Nation Houston

    After signing Patrick Patterson, matching the offer on Lowry, picking up the option on Chuck Hayes ($2.33million) and getting the news that Yao Ming would not opt out of his contract ($17.69million), the Rockets are now on the books for $67.27million in guaranteed salaries for 2010-2011. (If the current reports are true, Lowry's first year will net him roughly $5.75million. Patterson is slated to earn $1.52million.)

    Good news for both Patrick and Chuck.  Glad to see they are both solidly on the team in Houston and earning a nice living in the process.