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NCAA Basketball: Cavaliers Contact Izzo, Krzyzewski Surpa$$es Calipari

Time for me to report in again from the Grand Strand, deep in the heart of enemy territory.

The big news this afternoon is that it seems that John Calipari is no longer the apple of every LeBron watcher's eye.  According to the Associated Press, the Cavaliers have contacted Tom Izzo.  Ballin' is a Habit isn't buying it, though.

Mike Krzyzewski has supplanted Coach Calipari as the best-compensated college coach in America.  So now when people are bemoaning the greed of college coaches, they can use Krzyzewski as the poster child instead of Calipari.

In other news, this blog post gives us convincing evidence that John Calipari's finest recruit is is wife, Ellen.  I'm sure Coach Cal already knew what we are just discovering.

Another recruit of Calipari's, Derrick Rose, said he would be pleased if Coach Cal came to the NBA, but the Washington Examiner says that it isn't Coach Cal who has LeBron's ear, but Maverick Carter and William Wesley are the guys you have to satisfy to win the King James Sweepstakes.

Former Wildcat Rajon Rondo tries to carry the Boston Celtics into the championship series lead tonight in the TD Garden.  Celtics Blog says Rondo needs to impose his will on the game.  Meanwhile, back at the SB Nation mothership, Andrew Sharp wants to know if the NBA is actually trying to fuel officiating controversies and conspiracy theories.

Finally, Adam Zagoria says Eric Bledsoe is looking like the next point guard to be taken after John Wall.