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Kentucky Basketball: Guest Appearance on Unleash the Rage

Last Wednesday, I made another guest appearance on Unleash the Rage.

Once again, it was an excellent exchange.  This show has people on it that really understand and care about college basketball, and not just as something to talk about when college football is not in season.  I'm not putting other shows down, but the hosts on this show ask really intelligent, penetrating questions and go into the kind of detail that most readers at A Sea of Blue really enjoy.  One of them is even a Duke fan, but he really knows his stuff.  We had a really great discussion that I think everyone will find interesting and informative.

In this episode, we talk about Eric Bledsoe, Rajon Rondo, the NBA draft, and many other topics of interest to Kentucky fans, as well as college basketball fans in general.  This show also has the benefit of being downloadable as a podcast to you iPhone or iPod.

I welcome your comments.