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2010 NBA Mock Draft Talk

The 2010 NBA draft is now a mere week away.  If you are at all interested in what might transpire on that night (I'm incredibly excited!), specifically and most importantly, what extremely lucky NBA franchise each of UK's five draft prospects might end up with, well then, my fellow UK fans -- look no further than the lovely SB Nation NBA Draft Blog, Ridiculous UpsideRU is currently doing a mock draft for the entire first round of this year's draft with each of the SB Nation NBA-team blogs/head blogger making the picks.

Keep in mind that this is just a mock draft (total guesses) and that this mock is comprised of the opinions of SB Nation NBA-team bloggers and it is they who are making the picks and not any official representative of each of the NBA teams.

At the time of this post RU is through pick #5 and I'm proud to say that JW and DC are both off the board already with John Wall going #1 to the Wizards, and DeMarcus going #4 to the Timberwolves.  I can't say for certain that that is what will actually occur, and I'm not even going to venture a guess as to the accuracy, I will leave that to the NBA draft experts, well, except in Wall's case, he's a lock I expect, but I really thought it was nice to see that others, in this case, NBA teams' bloggers and their fans think as highly of those two as we UK fans do.  I loved that. 

RU will have updates periodically and expect to do all 30 picks of the first round before next Thursday with each of the respective SB Nation NBA-team blogs weighing in with their picks, so be sure to keep checking back at RU for updates and where our remaining three, Patterson, Orton and Bledsoe are speculated to go.

Also, in order to gauge what other sportswriters, draft experts and the like are saying about this year's draft and its prospects, here are a few links to some of the more popular NBA draft mock sites for your perusal., DraftExpress and ESPN.  (please note, some of the ESPN stuff is Insider only)

Feel free to use this post to discuss all things pertaining to the 2010 NBA draft, its prospects, where you think our boys will end up or rather, where you hope they end up.