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Clarifying my Thoughts on John Wooden

John Wooden: A man who evoked many emotions.
John Wooden: A man who evoked many emotions.

There has been some acrimonious discussion among those who visit A Sea of Blue about this post I made about former UCLA coach John Wooden.  After consultation and much reflection, I've decided to clarify my thoughts on coach Wooden, and his time at UCLA.

I realize many, many college basketball fans have a tremendous amount of respect for coach Wooden and what he accomplished during his time at UCLA.  Moreover, Wooden is considered by most that knew him to be a man of high character, and possessing outstanding leadership qualities.  And while I think Wooden was a fine basketball coach, and an even better man, I have serious questions regarding the now well-known unethical activities that took place during his time at UCLA.

Afterall, there have been many coaches and universities severely punished for committing much less egregious acts than what occurred during Wooden's tenure.  This fact offends my sense of justice, and has led me to have less-than positive feelings about Wooden and his achievements on the court.

This ...

" ... and for a laundry list of somewhat clever John Wooden quotes ... now we know what Wooden was doing while Sam Gilbert was lavishing his players with all manner of extra benefits.  Oops.  Did I just write that?"

... was meant to be a lighted-hearted poke at Wooden, as well as the NCAA.

But, if in any way, I offended anyone with my words, then I certainly do apologize.  I'm sure there are many who read A Sea of Blue who think very highly of coach Wooden, which is something I did not take into account prior to posting my thoughts.  I can't reiterate enough that the post wasn't intended to be offensive to anyone.  I realize the man recently passed away, and some people are rightfully quite sensitive about anyone saying/writing anything negative about someone who has just died, especially when the man meant so much to them.  And I can understand that sentiment.

Ken Howlett