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Psycho Fans Attack Terrence Jones

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I know this was yesterday's article, but I did want to comment on it.

All you people with Twitter and Facebook accounts, blogs, and toxic keyboards on UW, UK, UCLA, Kansas, and other sites who ripped Terrence Jones for wavering on his UW commitment or because he did not chose your favorite college, please get a grip on your lives.  Please.

This should be a caution to athletes about allowing just anyone in to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.  There are psychos out there who, for some weird reason, think it is okay to write horrible things about an 18-year old young man who makes a decision that they don't like -- about where to go to school, no less!

No matter where Jones winds up, he wins.  He'll have an opportunity to get a good degree if he wants to avail himself of it, and get to play college basketball.  Any of the programs recruiting him are good choices for those two things, no matter what the fans think.

And to the hopefully very small number of psycho fans -- get help, please.  Attacking a young man for his college choice is utterly shameful behavior.  For those of you who have seen this stuff, please report the offenders to Twitter and Facebook for abuse of their services.  This has to stop.