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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Breathing Through Our Eyelids Edition

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Sometimes, rumors make for the best BBDM's.  There is a ton of stuff about Calipari the Bull, Calipari the Devil, and Calipari the Saint.  Well, sort of ...

  • NCAA takes aim at elbows in basketball | Philadelphia Daily News | 05/06/2010

    If the new elbow rule passes, referees would be required to call a flagrant or intentional foul for anything more than incidental elbow contact above the shoulders.

    This looks like a good idea, but I'm skeptical.  I think the current rule is sufficient, and this looks like an overreaction to me.

  • Balance athletics and academics - Editorial -

    However, included in the report was a curious reference, based on unnamed sources, that Calipari "hasn't connected" with UK's athletics administration.

    I don't really have much difficulty with this Herald-Leader editorial.  For the most part, I think they are right, although I don't agree with everything.

    But I do wonder who/what that whole "hasn't connected" thing is about.  Weird.

  • DeMoss returns to Tennessee |

    Mickie DeMoss is returning to Tennessee, where she spent 18 years as a Lady Vols assistant coach and was a part of six national championship seasons.

    This whole story is just ... hard to understand.  I hope DeMoss is happy, but I never have figured out what happened.  Maye that's for the best.

More after the jump.

  • Calm down UW fans, and let Jones make a decision

    In Renton, I'm just an amused spectator. Well, that's not all I am, I'm a Coug who hopes that Jones has another news conference and announces that he doesn't want to go to Kentucky OR Washington and will sign with Oregon instead.

    Fair advice to Husky fans from a Washington State fan.

  • Keynote speakers’ messages hit home
  • Perhaps Calipari has settled in at Kentucky
  • Terrence Jones: 'I'm still committed to Washington'

    Jones also insisted that he called Kentucky coach John Calipari after his announcement Friday that he would become a Husky, not the other way around. He said he called all the other coaches on his final list of schools.

    Imagine that!  Well, that's one transgression Calipari was accused of that we know was false.  Care to lay odds on the rest?

  • Calipari's interest in Bulls' coaching position interesting in itself - Chicago Tribune

    Pay no mind to Calipari's denials based on semantics. "I'm not out searching for jobs." or "You won't hear about other colleges because I have the best job." Several NBA sources confirmed Yahoo! Sports' original report that Calipari has interest.

    Yeah, why believe Calipari when you can believe unnamed NBA "sources?"

  • Husky Men's Basketball Blog | Terrence Jones: "I'm still committed to Washington" | Seattle Times Newspaper

    Canzano takes a shot at UW fans who have attacked Jones in the comments sections of blogs like this one and writes "well-meaning fans at the five finalist colleges, who believe they're serving as defacto recruiters, serve as the worst enemy of their respective programs."

    Canzano gets this exactly right, and unfortunately, his comments apply equally to Kentucky fans.  We are as guilty of this as the Washington Huskies fans are.

  • Calipari eyeing extension, not raise |
  • College basketball recruiting: The top 15 classes of 2010
    This looks fine to me.

  • John Clay: No reason to update Calipari's contract |
    John makes some really good points in here, but in the end, I don't really agree. I see nothing wrong with extending Calipari's contract as long as it doesn't include a raise. I think we've seen enough of Calipari to know that this is the guy who will get us where we need to be. Why not try to hold him till retirement? If it's good enough for Butler, it should be good enough for UK.

  • Ex-Cat Pilgrim accused of rape |
    Offered without comment.

  • Calipari interested in Bulls' coaching job - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

    Sources say Calipari "hasn’t connected" with Kentucky’s athletic administration in his first year on the job, and that could contribute to his willingness to rekindle a long-standing goal of realizing NBA success.

    Here's the report that started all the rumors. Frankly, with what we know about Calipari, this report that he hasn't "connected" with anybody at UK seem highly suspect to me. You can't rule out the possibility, but we heard very similar crap about Billy Gillispie when the Oklahoma State job came open, and that turned out to be a joke.

    Of course, you never know. I have a gut feeling that Calipari is not really interested in another stab at the NBA, at least not yet. But it isn't impossible that he would use the NBA people to get somebody's attention at UK, namely his immediate boss. Why that would be necessary is beyond me, but as fans, we know very little about the relationship that Calipari and Barnhart have formed after one year, and the dust-up about the first-semester grades had to put pressure on both men, as well as Dr. Lee Todd, and that pressure could have percolated up a bit.

    Perhaps Cal was using a back-door method to send a message -- who knows. But if I were a betting man, I would be that this was purely a rumor drummed up out of thin air, or perhaps out of Cal being polite in a casual conversation with an NBA guy. I get approached all the time about possible business deals, and I almost always profess interest out of an attempt to be polite, even when I have no real interest at all. I strongly suspect that's what went on here.

  • Reader: John Calipari Is an Honest Coach - Seattle News - The Daily Weekly

    Terrence Ross seemed to criticize him the other day for guilt-tripping Jones, but let's face it, there are not many personal relationships between players that are as deep as the one between Ross and Jones. Anyway, from what Ross actually said, it was clear that he was going on what other people had speculated. He did not say, Terrence Jones told me that Calipari had done thus-and-such. He more or less repeated things bloggers had said.

    This is what I strongly suspect as well.  I think some of the UW fans are allowing themselves to believe anything that validates their already-formed opinions.

  • Will new deal keep Cal in Kentucky? - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

    The bottom line is that even with a new contract, there will always be that worry in Barnhart and UK fans' mind. The best thing Big Blue Nation can do is enjoy him while he lasts. Don't worry, be happy, etc. Until something actually happens, everything else is just sideshow.

    Eammon's right.  But that's just part of the deal.

  • WJBD Radio

    UNDATED (AP) - Louisville center Samardo Samuels has decided to hire an agent and remain in the NBA draft. Samuels was a third-time All-Big East selection as a sophomore last season, averaging 15.3 points and 7.0 rebounds.

    Ouch.  Louisville fans cannot be pleased.

  • Melick: Crimson Tide gives itself a black eye |

    Instead, by playing hardball with Knox and refusing to allow him to transfer specifically to UAB, Alabama and Grant look like bullies.

    This is the kind of thing that can come back to bite you in the backside.

  • BBL: Jim Rome says Calipari will leave UK eventually John Clay’s Sidelines
    John Clay's Big Blue Links.

  • 8th-grader reportedly gets U-M hoops offer | | Detroit Free Press

    According to multiple reports, Superior (Wis.) Middle School basketball player Hailey Kontny was offered a scholarship to Michigan beginning in the fall of 2014.

    I'm waiting on all the articles condemning this.  Oh, wait, it's women's hoops.  They don't care enough about that to condemn it, apparently.

  • Kentucky spring wrap - SEC Blog - ESPN

    Chris Low on the Wildcats spring football.  I really think questions 2 and 3 are the most important -- the defense and the offensive line.

    I fully expect the passing game to be better -- after all, we have some serious experience in the receiving corps and its time for them to show why they were recruited.  I think that much of the passing game problems have been due to the somewhat slower than expected development of the receiving corps as much as the problems at quarterback.

  • UK football notebook: 3 drafted, 8 in camp |
    Good job for the UK football graduates.

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