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Kentucky Basketball: Calipari Wants to Stay at Kentucky

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I step away from the computer for 24 hours and the Kentucky section of Al Gore's Folly melts down over rumors of Calipari accepting a coaching job with the Chicago Bulls in the NBA.

Folks, I warned some time ago that these rumors were going to plague us throughout Coach Cal's tenure here in Kentucky, just as they did when Rick Pitino was here.  In Pitino's case, they finally came true (to his ultimate regret), but I am of the considered opinion that Calipari is different.

Why do I say that?  Here's a very recent article from Matt May of The Cats Pause, in which Calipari explains thus:

"Mitch [Barnhart] approached me about 10 days ago and said, 'I want to extend your contract. I want you to be here until you retire.' I looked at him and said I'd like that but I don't want to compensation to change [sic], I'm doing fine, but if there is anything you want to do to make this a better program for our players, our staff, I'm all for it. Let's figure it out and make it happen." [emphasis mine]

When was the last time a coach was interested in a contract extension without an increase in compensation?  It may have happened, but if so, I have never heard of it.

To me, this speaks volumes about what this job means to Coach Cal.  It means he has arrived, and he isn't even remotely interested in proving he could do what his rival 60 miles west could not.

So relax, and live a little.  Calipari isn't going anywhere, in my opinion.  Not for any amount of money.  All of us in the Big Blue Nation profess to believe that the Kentucky job is the absolute pinnacle of the college basketball profession.  Why don't we start acting like we really mean it when we say it?