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Kentucky Basketball: UK Issues Statement Regarding Bledsoe

Jerry Tipton of the Lexington Herald-Leader reports on UK's statement.  Here it is:

Often high profile student-athletes are selected for an extensive prospective student-athlete (PSA) review.

Eric Bledsoe participated in the normal academic review process and also an extensive PSA review by the NCAA Eligibility Center and was cleared academically.

Does this mean he was cleared after the February Q&A?  We are left to guess, for now.  But what this tells us is that Bledsoe has had careful scrutiny by both the school's and NCAA's compliance divisions, and was subsequently cleared.  We do not know if the PSA is the reported investigation that the NY Times article is reporting on, nor is it totally obvious if this process produced further clearance of Bledsoe.

I feel like this statement raises more questions than it answers.