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Kentucky Basketball: Calipari Talks About His Infamous Conversation With Terrence Jones

Via Coast 2 Coast Recruiting and Portland 95.5 The Fan :

"Well we thought that he was coming with us [Kentucky] and when he said ‘Washington’ we were like ‘what just happened?’  That was the first thing.  Then he called about an hour later and said ‘Cal, I made a mistake.  I don’t know what I was doing.’  That is when the thing went like ‘You what?’  So we talked to him and said that we are going to do whatever you want.  I am holding your scholarship.  At one point I said, ‘Look, if you want to go to Washington then go to Washington, and if you want to come with us, come with us.  Just make a decision so that we can all move on.’  But I felt bad for him to be honest with you.  Because he is 6’9’’ everybody thinks that this guy is a grown man." ...

Read the whole thing.

This is the first known solid evidence of the legendary "silent verbal."  If I had not read this, I would never have believed it, but apparently, Calipari was so sure that Jones was coming to Kentucky that he didn't even watch the now-infamous ceremony (or so he says, I admit to just a little skepticism about that).

This is an "inside baseball" look at the recruiting process that you don't normally get, and we never, ever got from Gillispie or Tubby Smith.  Nothing wrong with that, I doubt very many coaches are this frank.

I'm sure no haters will be convinced to change their minds, but it's interesting how close this all seems to this, absent the obvious satire comparing Calipari to The Godfather.