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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Draft Lottery Edition

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Today in 1985, the New York Knickerbockers won the very first NBA Draft Lottery.  Ultimately, they picked Patrick Ewing, and nobody can deny he was a very good choice.  Other notables in that draft included Chris Mullen (#7 to the Warriors), Karl Malone (#13 to the Jazz), and Joe Dumars (#18 to the Pistons).

Now, for the news:

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  • LeBron’s moment of truth awaits - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

    I think this is right.

    Cleveland has plenty of horsepower to handle the Celtics, even if they have never been healthier this entire year than they are right now.  If James fails to close the deal, it will be a mark on his career that only a championship can change, and he becomes the equivalent of professional golf's "Best player never to win a major."

  • NCAA basketball non-seniors have smaller window to declare for NBA draft

    "From an outsiders' perspective, certainly it makes the decision more difficult; for families, a lot more difficult," Stevens said in a telephone interview. "At the same time, I think it protects schools from losing three or four guys off their team and having to rebuild in a short amount of time. I certainly can see both sides of it."

    I don't know.  For all the hue and cry about the shorter time frame for early entrants to withdraw, I am somewhat inclined to agree that the shorter time frame is still plenty of time.  I think the coaches were wrong to insist on its implementation at the expense of the players, but I am having a hard time being convinced that the layers need more time to decide.

    Give it a few years and see how it goes, I say.  I was inclined to dislike the new rule at first, but for right now, I'm willing to give it a chance.

  • John Calipari and LeBron James now in the rumor mill - Game On!: Covering the Latest Sports News
    Why not? It just goes to show you that Calipari's name will always be there.

  • Kentucky Blog - University of Kentucky Official Athletic Site

    Kentucky basketball fans have once again laid claim to having the most passionate fan base in college sports.

    For the fifth consecutive season and the 14th time in the last 15 years, the UK men's basketball team led Division I in total home attendance and average home attendance. In 2009-10, 433,989 fans packed Rupp Arena in 18 home games, an average of 24,111 fans a game.

    This in spite of Syracuse's much larger arena and great year.  Mind-blowing, and frankly, very satisfying for this UK fan.

  • " BBL: Calipari’s presence in Cleveland stokes the fires John Clay’s Sidelines
    John Clay's Big Blue Links.

  • Epoch Times - College Basketball: A Billion Dollar Business

    Robert Baker, director at the George Mason University’s (GMU) Center for Sport Management, completed in 2008 a two-year study after GMU’s men’s basketball team landed in the 2006 "Final Four". "


    Baker found that requests for information about GMU jumped by 350 percent. Applications from out-of-state students swelled by 40 percent and all freshman year applications increased by 22 percent. Computer-generated applications rose by 52 percent and alumni interest in the school jumped by 25 percent.

    Page views on the sports division’s website soared by 503 percent and unique viewers by 702 percent. Almost everything that had to do with GMU’s sports division rose drastically. More season tickets for games were sold and home games were packed with fans wanting to see the game.

    So you think having a successful basketball team has no positive impact on the academic mission of universities?  The facts in this study beg to differ with you.

  • High School Hoops Star Kadeem Jack Looking at UNC, Kentucky -

    Despite earlier statements from his mentor and coaches, Rice High School hoops star Kadeem Jack is now considering going to college and may not be heading to a prep school next year.

    "I'm at a crossroads in my decision," Jack told DNAinfo, while admitting that he was a little star struck when University of North Carolina coach Roy Williams and Kentucky's John Calipari recently called him.

    It's amazing how a sudden change in the recruiting picture can make a 3* player get recruited just as hard as a 5* stud.  I wonder if Jack realizes that both UNC and UK will recruit over him?

  • NBA draft early entries: Evaluating each player's decision - NBA -

    Eric Bledsoe, Kentucky: Despite garnering some early hype as a potential lottery pick, Bledsoe's draft stock has cooled off a bit, to the point that he had to approach this deadline with serious caution. At the end of the day, Bledsoe decided to leave, especially with the top-rated point guard in high school basketball, Brandon Knight, headed to Lexington. Considering his tough background, it's difficult to criticize his decision.

    Do not be surprised if Bledsoe slips into the second round.  I'm sure he'll make a squad, but there are lots of players in the draft that I would pick over him.

    Of course, you can't go by me.  I am anything but accurate in assessing the draft.

  • Fox Sports Community - Fox Sports > goodmanonfox > Blog > NORTH CAROLINA, GEORGIA TECH LEAD FOR ALABAMA TRANSFER KNOX

    It was widely speculated that Knox, who averaged 6.3 points and 3.7 rebounds per game last season, wanted to transfer to UAB shortly after deciding to leave Alabama. However, that doesn’t appear to be a possibility unless he wins an appeal with the school that is scheduled for Wednesday.

    I really hope he wins the appeal.  What Alabama did was wrong, just as what UK did when it tried to forbid Marvin Stone from transferring to U of L was wrong.

  • Brian Windhorst has strong words during WKNR interview - Fear The Sword
    Good God. This whole LeBron James thing is making me dislike him, and I don't want to dislike him.

  • It's better to support a cheater than it is to root for a man like Bobby Knight

    Knight has been accused of assault more times than Naomi Campbell and Russell Crowe combined and his disgusting antics are an utter embarrassment for anyone unfortunate enough to be affiliated with him.

    Moreover, "The General" has long been notorious for treating individuals horribly in both public and private settings.

    Knight was an ogre, and has no moral authority to criticize Calipari, even if what he said was true.

  • Danny Jett's Inner Circle: Ridiculous John Calipari Eyewitness Reports From Cleveland

    An un-named woman said she overheard Calipari on the phone at half-time talking to someone named 'Jerry.' She said she was unable to hear the conversation with clarity, but that it was brief and Calipari hung up smiling. By the time the call ended a plane was scheduled to leave Cleveland and head to Chicago later that night. The private jet was expected to make an unscheduled landing.

    Okay, nobody panic.  Read the whole thing.

  • Rondo Strikes Again; Calipari Rumors Getting Out of Hand
    Heh. Anthony Wireman makes some great points.