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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Monday Edition

The news is kind of sparse around the Big Blue Nation today.  Most people are still sweating Calipari to the Bulls, or whether or not we can find some random player to fill the power forward spot for next year's edition of the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team.

But there are some interesting stories out there.  To wit:

  • UK's recruiting might be too good |

    Yet counter-intuitive as this sounds, recent history suggests that — as long as the one-and-done rule remains — your best chance for winning NCAA championships may not come from signing the very best players.

    I think the history here is really too short to suggest anything.  I take Story's argument, but at this point, I'm not buying it.  Wild Weasel has a bit of a rebuttal, as well.

  • Cousins seen by some as relatively risky move - The Boston Globe

    Cousins has displayed a surly court demeanor, even punching a Louisville player in a scramble. Some NBA scouts believe he would have benefited from another year at Kentucky, but Greig said he is a typical 19-year-old.

    What the hell is wrong with the Boston media these days?  Do they have some kind of pathological aversion to getting their facts right?

    Do you remember Cousins throwing a punch against Louisville?  I surely don't.  What a crock.

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