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DeMarcus Cousins Reportedly Signs With Agent

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Kentucky Wildcats freshman DeMarcus Cousins has reportedly signed with NBA agent John Greig, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Y! sports.

More news to follow, I'm sure.

Twitter / Adrian Wojnarowski

Greig: "There are NBA teams that have done their homework on DeMarcus, and if the lottery ball bounces right, he could be the No. 1 pick..."

Wow.  An upset of John Wall?  Who knows?

Twitter / John Greig

Appreciate all the love about DeMarcus Cousins signing. Congrats to DC. 2011 NBA ROY

From DeMarcus Cousins' new agent.

[UPDATE 5:00 PM] Cousins' new agent: Wall not lock at No. 1 - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

The signing of Cousins is a coup for Greig, a Seattle-based agent who has had a low profile. Greig was a 1982 third-round draft pick of the Seattle SuperSonics out of the University of Oregon. His current clients include mostly NBA Development League and European players.

Wow.  Interesting factoid, that.