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Kentucky Basketball: Terrence Jones Press Conference Open Thread

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We are counting down the last 30 minutes before the press conference by Terrence Jones of Portland, Oregon, the #13 player for, and the #3 power forward in their rankings.  Jones is choosing from among the Kansas Jayhawks, the Kentucky Wildcats, and the Washington Huskies.

Marc Maggard reports that Kansas has been eliminated, but that's as close as he can come.  I can't confirm that, so your mileage may vary.

I will attempt to watch the press conference on OregonLive, but if that is anything like the press conference for Brandon Knight (which was an epic failure), we my have to rely on Twitter or some other form for near-real-time results.

Terrence Jones is important for Coach Calipari and Kentucky.  Without Jones, UK will not have a power forward left under consideration that we know of.  That will be problematic for next year if nothing changes, but if we know nothing else about college basketball, we know that late-season changes do happen.

***UPDATE**** 6:58 PM:  Terrence Jones will join Terrence Ross at Washington.  UK strikes out on top 25 power forwards for 2010.