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Marquis Teague is a Wildcat

Here are a few observations about the verbal commitment of highly-ranked 2011 recruit Marquis Teague today:

  • The Indy Star live feed was an epic, galactic fail.
  • John Calipari was behind years versus Pitino on Teague.  He made it up like Zenyata at Oaklawn, and it probably wasn't any closer at the finish.
  • Will Rick Pitino start getting the Tubby Detractor moniker of "plowhorse?"  Stay tuned ...
  • Rick Pitino's karmic burden was just too heavy for him to drag Teague over the finish line.
  • Lebron James did not call Teague.  He used a Vulcan mind-meld to finish the job off for Calipari.
  • I just saw a mushroom cloud appear somewhere over downtown Louisville.
  • Louisville Cardinals flags around the neighborhood are flying at half mast.
  • Matt Jones just floated by in a suit on what looked like a magic carpet.
  • The Calipari hate-o-meter just pegged and bent the needle into a U-shape.

More later.