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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Jordan Brand Classic Edition

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Calipari has now signed four of the Rivals Top 50.  Who will be the next player to help UK reload?

The news for today:

  • DeMarcus Cousins says deciding to leave University of Kentucky was tough | | The Courier-Journal

    When DeMarcus Cousins was asked Thursday what he wants to buy with his first NBA paycheck, the now-former UK center steered clear of the sports car or SUV cliché.

    "It's not a car," Cousins said, "'cause I don't have a license."

    This is exactly the kind of thing you would expect from the Big Cuz.  Man, I'm going to miss this guy.

  • Locals may not like NBA, but it has a leg up on college game | |
    I prefer the college game, but there is no doubt that the NBA athletes are superior, and can do some remarkable things. To each his own.

  • - Calipari succeeds at herding cats

    But now the UK fanatics have been talked down from their ledges after the top guard in the Class of 2010, Brandon Knight (No. 2, ) and the top player in the junior class, Michael Gilchrist, pledged their love and their futures to John Calipari on Wednesday -- the first day of the late signing period.

    Let's face it: Neither would have been in Lexington had Billy Gillispie or Tubby Smith still been the coach.

    Well, let's be fair here -- nobody knows.  But it is unlikely that either of those two coaches would have landed Knight or Gilchrist, as much for the fact that they would not seriously recruit them as anything else.  Gillispie might have recruited them, but with all due respect to the former coach, he didn't win many battles with Calipari.

  • University’s integrity lies within enforcement of its policies : The Kentucky Kernel

    For a university that just ran the last guy out of town for his personal issues, it is time to take a firm stance on the matter of alcoholism. They hold their players to a standard — there would be an automatic suspension for any player who received a DUI — so why should coach be any different?

    I think this is right.  If UK starts treating coaches different than players, that way lies the slippery slope to perdition.

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