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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Wild-Eyed Maniac Edition

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It will come as no surprise that Kentucky fans are wild-eyed maniacs, and I mean that in absolutely the best and most endearing way possible.  So join me, my fellow maniacs, on Thursday's trip through the underbelly of the Internet, Kentucky Wildcats style:

  • The beauty of the Kentucky fan base " College Courtside
    Very good post by sawdog, and he points me to yet another Aaron Torres article that is a follow-on to the one I linked the other day. It is linked just below this one. Don't miss either one.

  • » Kentucky Basketball Story 2010
    Another really good feel-good piece.

  • Letters From Kentucky

    Aaron Torres strikes again with a "thank you" to those who wrote to him. This is another piece that will really validate (if you actually need validation) those weird feelings you have that your Kentucky fandom is somehow bred into your genetic code.

    Just go read the whole thing, and enjoy it.

  • Dunlap on USBWA All-America team | | The Courier-Journal

    University of Kentucky junior Victoria Dunlap is on the 10-player All-America team announced Wednesday by the U.S. Basketball Writers Association, the first UK player honored since the USBWA started naming a team in 1997.

    Congratulations, Victoria.  Well done and well earned.

  • Kentucky Sports Radio " Blog Archive " One Night of Crazy Movement
    I'm forced to disagree with my friend Matt about Dodson. I do agree that it is likely that there has been some internal friction between Dodson and Calipari, but talk of his departure does not make sense. It may happen (since when did "sense" become the major contributor to a young man's decision-making), but I think that after he has time to reflect, he will stay.

More following the jump.

  • The Daily Campus - Column: Stop the charade

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Wall, Cousins and Bledsoe are outstanding players and will see playing time in the NBA – Cousins may need to work on his attitude but that’s another story – but why force them to go through the charade of being a college student? Players like Wall are taking away scholarships from guys who would stick it out for three or four years, work to develop and then head off to the NBA to make millions.

    This whine is so stiff it belongs in a morgue, in more ways than one.  Look, of all this bunch, only Wall could likely have gone straight to the draft from high school.  What do you propose to do with Cousins et. al. who need a year (at least) in college before they go to the Association?  Deny them the opportunity to play because "they don't really want to be here?"  Good luck with that.

    Seriously, all this hand-wringing has become ridiculous.  I think the NBA rule as currently constituted is not in the best interests of college basketball, the institution, or the NCAA, but it just might be in the best interests of the kids themselves.  "Wanting to be in college" has never been a prerequisite for actually going there.  I venture to say that colleges would have far fewer students if high school graduates could routinely earn a good living.

    So stop with the elitism, people, it stinks like the hypocrisy that drives it.

  • UK Recruit Knight hits game winner in All-America game
    I'll have much more about the McDonald's game later today.

  • Orton's dad says his son is going pro, but Orton says he has yet to decide | | The Courier-Journal

    "We had some teams say there was interest," Larry Orton said. "They're saying he could go anywhere from 1-20."

    And you believed them, Larry?  Dear God in Heaven.  Daniel Orton has only a slightly better chance of going #1 than I do.  Good grief.

  • Looks Like Orton's Gone

    The Mustachioed One may be right about this, but it is a dirty deal if Orton drops out of UK. That will definitely damage our APR and is just a lousy thing to do to a school that gave him a scholarship. But before I get critical, I'll wait and see.

    Whether Orton declares himself eligible or not, I hope the whole drop-out thing is just a misunderstanding.

  • John Clay: One and well done to Cats |

    The other national misconception — motto: we've seen them less; but yet we somehow know more — is that Kentucky's "mercenaries" were unmanageable, that they dissolved into squabbles and spats, that the star-power solo acts never sacrificed for the common good.

    Those must have been well-hidden. All I saw was a team that appeared to get along famously, that had fun, that won an SEC regular-season title, an SEC Tournament title, was ranked No. 1 in The Associated Press poll, and earned a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

    All I saw was a team that won 35 games.

    I think John saw the same thing the rest of us did.  Clay gets this piece exactly right.

  • Hard to Get Excited About this Bunch -
    Matt Jones says it's hard to get excited about this Final Four. He's right.

  • Pitino agrees to extension with Louisville - The Denver Post

    Louisville coach Rick Pitino agreed in principle to a four-year contract extension Wednesday that will keep him with the Cardinals through the 2016-17 season.

    Not the actions of a man looking to leave.

  • Joker takes charge in first practice |

    "I don't want conditioning after practice. I want us to play ourselves into shape, and running to and from drills and on and off the field," Phillips said. "I think that's a good way to condition."

    The small changes between old school and not-so-old-school.  Interesting.

  • Kentucky hits the ground running in spring football | | The Courier-Journal

    "With Coach Brooks, he was a laid-back guy," wide receiver Randall Cobb said. "Coach Phillips is a more up-tempo guy. There are some similarities with the way that practice is run and the things that he's trying to do, and there's also differences, like with the tempo."

  • Reports: Surprise Candidate James Dickey to Be Named Houston Coach | ProSportsOnline

    Floyd, however, accepted the same position at UTEP. Gillispie’s plans remain unknown, but some close to the situation believe hiring Dickey instead of Gillispie came down to money and a lack of commitment to improve Houston’s poor facilities.


  • The Big Blue Nation Report: Relax. . .Coach Cal is driving this thing

    The above picture is of "Spaghetti Junction" in Atlanta. It's hard to really tell what direction anyone is going from this bird's eye view. From a distance it just seems like a mess, yet the people traveling the busy roads know exactly their destination and which road it'll take to get there.

    The current of state of Kentucky Basketball is a lot like this right now, organized chaos.

    I agree, except with the "organized" part.  If it's organized, it must be behind the scenes.

  • MSU 'as good as any team left' - Beyond the Arc -

    "I'm convinced we're just as good as any team left," Izzo tells the team. "I haven't felt that way in years. I didn't in '05 at the Final Four. And last year in the finals, I didn't think we were as good as North Carolina."

    I think Izzo's right.  I believe the Spartans are as good as any team in this thing, and I never pull against the Spartans unless they are playing Kentucky.

  • Mitchell’s Cats unlikely to be underdogs next season | | The Courier-Journal

    Matthew Mitchell smiled when asked if he expects his University of Kentucky women's basketball team to be picked to finish 11th in the Southeastern Conference again next season.

    Heh.  Three words -- Not bloody likely.

  • Orton leaving UK to train for NBA draft | Vaught's Views
    So sayeth Larry Vaught, with sources. I hope this doesn't turn out to be true. Unless Orton shows things that nobody has seen, a top five pick is the height of irrational optimism. Larry Orton has either been talking to shysters, or he is hearing what he wants to hear.

    Or maybe ...  What day of the month is it again? :-)

  • Breaking: John Calipari Close to a Deal with the Nets

    We knew it could happen ....