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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- LSU Edition

I'm braving the blizzard for a trip up to Indianapolis this weekend to take in the Blue Collar Comedy guys and have a short getaway from the homestead.  I hope to be able to get to Indy in time to take in the UK/LSU game, but I have no idea if I will or not -- it is going to be rough going in this weather, and the further north you go, the worse it gets.

Still, at least we didn't get obliterated like Washington DC and the mid-Atlantic area.  They might not be able to get out of their doors after getting 30 inches of snow.  I remember a bad snowstorm there in about 1982, but it was nothing like this one.

Anyway, Ken will be doing the postmortem tonight and should have the pre-game up before too long.  Right now, I thought a little news might be in order.  Follow me after the jump.