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Kentucky Wildcats @ Tennessee Volunteers: Second Half Open Game Thread

We could use a bit of Macy right now. (via <a href="">Paaat.</a>)
We could use a bit of Macy right now. (via Paaat.)

The Kentucky Wildcats go into halftime down 11 to the Tennessee Volunteers, 40-29.  That first half was a tough one for the Wildcats, with the Volunteers getting up and down the floor way ahead of Kentucky, and setting some great baseline and top-of-the-key ball screens that freed various Vols up for open shots or layups.

Adjustments are needed, and I'm sure they are forthcoming.  Fortunately, my serenity is seemingly fully in place, for whatever reason.  We need a big second half, and I suspect we'll get one.

Go, 'Cats!