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Kentucky Football: Kentucky Wildcats Face The Pittsburgh Panthers in the BBVA Compass Bowl

The Kentucky Wildcats have reportedly accepted an invitation to play in the BBVA Compass Bowl in Birmingham, Alabama on January 8th, to play against the Pittsburgh Panthers.  This is the bowl most prognosticators had Kentucky headed to since the loss to Tennessee in Knoxville two Saturdays ago.  Getting to face 7-5 Pitt is not a bad thing, either.  Pittsburgh looks like a good team, but one that UK should be able to beat if they play well.

The BBVA Compass Bowl is the former bowl and is in its fifth year of existence, and has such worthies as South Carolina, East Carolina, Southern Mississippi and Cincinnati as alumni.  In other words, this is exactly the kind of bowl a team like UK could expect to find itself in after a 6-6 season.  At least it can no longer accurately be called the "Pizza Bowl."

The good news is that this is UK's fifth straight bowl, this bowl is not in the state of Tennessee for the first time since the streak began, and it is likely to be a lot warmer in Birmingham than in Tennessee.  It is also good news that the game is on a Saturday, and that should enable UK to bring a large crowd.  I'm seriously considering attending for two reasons -- I've never been to a college bowl game, and I've never been to Alabama. 

The bad news is that Birmingham late in the bowl season is not exactly the destination most of us had in mind for the 'Cats when the football season started.  But in the end, this is probably the sort of bow a 6-6 team deserves, especially one managing only two conference wins.

I'm sure everyone is disappointed in how the season ended.  Kentucky let three and arguably four SEC games slip through their fingers this year, and that turned what looked like a fairly promising season after the Louisville game into something of a disappointment, although it's hard to be too disappointed about Kentucky football when it manages enough wins to get into a bowl, even an afterthought bowl like the BBVA Compass.

So that's how it goes.  We'll have more on this game soon, but in the meantime, here is an interview I did with a blog called Bowl Season just a few days ago.