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Merry Christmas To All

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White Christmas (via <a href="">swanksalot</a>)
White Christmas (via swanksalot)

We here at A Sea of Blue would like to take this opportunity to wish the Big Blue Nation, and everyone who reads this space, a very merry and blessed Christmas.

To all those abroad and at home who risk their lives and health in defense of this country, A Sea of Blue wishes you a safe return home, and you and your families the blessings and peace of the season.

To Wildcat fans far and wide, enjoy the holiday in peace.  We will be returning to our regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow, and get ready for the Coppin St. Eagles on the 28th, and the advent of the Louisville game in the Yum! Center on New Years Eve.

May the joys of the season be with all who read this.  Thank you for coming by.  Enjoy the Holiday.