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Kentucky Basketball: Poll Vault -- Kentucky Bounces up to 13th And Other Musings

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White Christmas?  Bah.  Humbug.(via <a href="">al camardella</a>)
White Christmas? Bah. Humbug.(via al camardella)

So let me get this straight.  After defeating the mighty Mississippi Valley St. Delta Devils, Kentucky jumps up from #17 all the way up to #13.  Who knew beating the #196 RPI team at home was all it took to jump up four spots?

That must really make Indiana raw.  We beat them, and went nowhere.

Of course, we did have 4 teams ranked above us drop down below, so I guess there's not so much to cheer about after all.  Still, it does seem funny at this point in the season, and with only one more really tough game to go, UK could actually see the top ten if they manage to hold serve until conference play begins. 

For what it's worth.  And I think we'd all agree, it's not worth that much.  But as we wait on Enes to be freed, there's little else to talk about.  At least until Wednesday.


A few things that made me smile, and a couple that made me frown:

  • Memphis fans upset with Josh Pastner.  Sorry, after the way that guy has recruited, and as young as he is, that is hilarious to me.  They should shut up and let the young man coach. 

    Even better, run him off so he can coach at a school that will appreciate him, of which there are very many.  Maybe one even 375 miles or so East before very long, if you get my meaning.  Wouldn't that be droll?
  • Speaking of 375 miles east of Memphis, Bruce Pearl says he wants the team to "...focus more on the process than the end result ...".  This is what the end result looks like:

  • Brandon Knight is a Bob Cousy Award candidate.  Awesome.  Maybe he will be inspired by the spirit of The Cous.
  • Calipari is not sounding too optimistic about Kanter's reinstatement, and raised the possibility of legal action against the NCAA.  If nothing else, a shot across Indianapolis' bow.
  • Darius Miller is Calipari's new project.  His inconsistency and tendency to vanish is has been a source of constant comment with the Big Blue Nation, but his father thinks "it" is just waiting to be unleashed with the right impetus.  Let's hope Calipari finds the combination that unlocks Miller's considerable potential.
  • Tom Izzo is not amused by the NCAA's rough treatment of his professed misunderstanding.  Not even a little bit.  I question what this was all about myself.  It certainly plowed new ground.  It remains to be seen what impact this will have in future situations.
  • JL Weil, who also writes here, has some good commentary on recent NCAA issues with Sidney, Selby, and Kanter over at the Awl.  'Tis the season to take.  And to give.
  • Late word has it that Mister Cobble is eligible to play for Kentucky, and Joker Phillips says that he will play in the BBVA Compass bowl.  Phillips said that the addition of Cobble made the team better right away, and I sure hope he's right, because Cobble plays a position where we need to get a lot better.