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Correction on the Trent DiGiuro Foundation Post

I was advised the other day of a couple of errors in my post on the Trent DiGiuro Foundation last week by former Director of Football Operations for the University of Kentucky, Steve Hellyer, who used to work with Trent's father Mike DiGiuro on the scholarship.  One involves a typo on the current winner's name.  The article had him as "Justin" when his correct name is Dustin Luck.  Apologies to Dustin for that error.

The other is a clarification about how the scholarship works: 

Because of NCAA rules, if the recipient is to be a player, he must have completed his eligibility in order to receive it. In other words, never have been on scholarship his entire career. We were able to find players who remained on the team for four and sometimes five years to be eligible.

For clarification, "Dustin" Luck has exhausted his eligibility and is using the generous scholarship to help finish his schooling while he assists the football program on a daily basis. The recipients were also outstanding students, such as J.J. Housley, who is finishing pharmacy school, and David Hamilton, who is working toward a degree in medicine after earning his MBA in 2007.

Thanks to Mr. Hellyer for the clarification and correction to this story and for his participation in promoting the wonderful work of this foundation, along with the others involved.  I encourage everyone who is interested in helping determined young student athletes get through school to look into the Trent Digiuro Foundation, and if it meets your charitable needs, offer a donation.