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SEC Power Poll: Week 5 Ballot


For your review and comment, I have submitted the SEC power poll ballot for week 5 of the college football season.

There is really not much controversy right now in the SEC.  The battle, really, is for second place, and almost anyone could possibly wind up in that spot with the exception of about four teams.

Alabama looks like a giant crimson grizzly bear that hasn't eaten all winter, and it is feasting on what most consider to be pretty good football teams.  Arkansas gave them all they wanted, but Florida got mauled and swallowed whole.  I thank the Lord every day that Kentucky doesn't have to play them.

I am kind of anxious to see the LSU-Florida game this week.  Talk about teams with two different mindsets -- LSU gets a win on an unprecedented last-second mistake by the Tennessee coaching staff, and Florida, who just manhandled Kentucky two weeks ago, got the same treatment at the hands of the Tide.  That one should be worth watching, just to see if Les Miles can go brain-dead again while fate hands him another victory.  For that matter, I think LSU fans should love Miles -- it's fairly obvious he is living right.

Ok, so here's my ballot:

Rank Team cWL W-L SoS This week PF-PA MoV Polls Next opponent Comments
1 Alabama 2-0 5-0 56.97 at South Carolina 189-45 28.8 1 Mississippi Powered past Florida. Pencil them into their second NC in a row? I'd use indelible ink.
2 Auburn 2-0 5-0 51.71 at Kentucky 183-94 17.8 8 Arkansas Ate a Sun Belt fat pill. Now it's on to Lexington for what looks like an SEC fat pill.
3 LSU 3-0 5-0 56.94 at Florida 122-62 12.0 12,9 McNeese State I don't think Les Miles luck will ever run out. He is just gifted that way.
4 Arkansas 1-1 3-1 55.29 Texas A&M 126-58 17.0 11,13 at Auburn Bye week.
5 Florida 2-1 4-1 56.56 LSU 157-88 13.8 14,12 Mississippi State Beaten into an unrecognizable mass of protoplasm by the Tide. That had to hurt.
6 South Carolina 1-1 3-1 52.66 Alabama 123-73 12.5 19,20 at Kentucky Bye week. Heading down to Tuscaloosa for what is likely to be a lesson in humility.
7 Mississippi 1-1 3-2 58.45 open 186-163 4.6
at Alabama Lost the statistical battle, but won the only one that counted – the final score.
8 Mississippi State 1-2 3-2 56.91 at Houston 143-81 12.4 34 at Florida MSU could win 3 in a row if they can beat the Cougars. I think that would qualify as a mild surprise.
9 Kentucky 0-2 3-2 37.17 Auburn 182-144 7.6
South Carolina -3 in turnovers will lose games 90% of the time. It doesn't get easier on Saturday with Aubie in town.
10 Georgia 0-3 1-4 49.34 Tennessee 124-108 3.2
Vanderbilt Hey, their basketball team might be pretty good.
11 Vanderbilt 1-1 1-3 49.72 Eastern Michigan 73-104 -7.8
at Georgia Vandy made it a game for a while, but they let a Big East team dance on their forecastle in the end
12 Tennessee 0-2 2-3 50.54 at Georgia 126-124 0.4
Oct 23, Alabama I wonder if they gave Dooley a math test before they hired him? I'm thinking no …

I'll tell you that Kentucky could just as easily be ranked 11th or 12th as 9th.  The 'Cats have proven zero so far this year, except that they can beat weak teams by lopsided margins.  They get their first real home test this weekend, and if they are somehow able to defeat 5-0 Auburn, they would be back on course for the kind of season they have been having lately -- 6-6 or 7-5.  All I can say is that we can't call 2 wins in the SEC progress.  Three wins is at least somewhat respectable, but I am not sanguine about even two at the moment.

As for Tennessee bringing up the rear, they showed at LSU that they could turn this ship around, at least a little.  For Vandy, they will get their second win of the season on Saturday, but that will probably be their last.  Georgia?  Sir Isaac Newton could not explain the Bulldogs.

Your comments most welcome.