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Big Blue Bric-a-Brac: 2010 Kentucky Blue/White Game Edition

Tonight is the annual Blue/White scrimmage, and that will be all the buzz today.  Tonight, the 2010-11 Wildcats take the floor against -- each other. 

Unfortunately, there are just not enough "each others" to go around this year, with only 10 scholarship players available for the game.  So John Calipari has gone out and done what he does best -- recruited a few ex-Kentucky players to suit up for the game, namely Mark Krebs from last year's team (who has a new book out, by the way), Wayne Turner from the UK coaching staff, and Perry Stevenson from last year's Wildcats.

The Blue/white game is a rite of passage every Kentucky team must go through, and of course, it is hardly something to be feared.  If what we saw back in August and during Big Blue Madness is any guide, this game aught to be a track meet.  I'll be interested to see who starts huffing and puffing first, because I promise you that both teams will be trying to fly up and down the floor.

I haven't seen the teams announced yet, but we'll get that up on the site when it happens.


The New York Times published a correction Sunday to an error in Pete Thamel's most recent article about Enes Kanter, where he misquoted Dr. Mehmet Kanter from Mike DeCourcy's Sporting News article.  Matt Jones pointed out the discrepancy the day after the Thamel piece came out.

Big of the Times to get around to it two weeks after the fact.  Better late than never, I suppose.

John Calipari continues to try to temper expectations for this year's team.  I guess that is a good idea from his perspective.  I have no idea if it makes an impact on other people's opinion, but for me, it is a waste of breath.  He may know the team better than anyone, but I know better than most that "coachspeak" is John Calipari's native tongue.

I think we all know by now that these young men are young and inexperienced, but we expect the team to do well this year.  Yes, we expect them to lose more games than last year, but not many more.

We're with you, Coach, but you can't talk down expectations in the Bluegrass.  This isn't Memphis.


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