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Big Blue Wednesday: News Of The Week So Far

It's Wednesday and the Big Blue nation is still basking in the afterglow of the upset win over the South Carolina Gamecockslast Saturday night.  

Right now, all the talk is about Randall Cobb's tweet directed at certain fair-weather fans of the Big Blue.  Cobb has come out and apologized for those comments, although I frankly don't consider that necessary.  Still, I think it shows the level of maturity that we have come to expect from Cobb on the field and off. Sometimes, even when apologies aren't really necessary, they add value by way of showing the recipient that you really do care about their feelings.  That's the kind of empathy and compassion that one doesn't always expect from a football player, and I believe, needed or not, Cobb's contrition will only add to his legend.

In this John Clay piece, a reader writes an open letter to Cobb explaining why UK fans have, shall we say, a rather jaded viewpoint.  He makes a lot of good points, and it's interesting reading.

Now for some other links of interest:

  • WKU Scores Commitment from Zollo

    From what I have seen of Zollo, this is a perfect fit for him and Western.


  • Calipari expects Miller to step up for Cats

    I think this year is going to be Miller's coming out party.


  • Eric Crawford | Arena! Has! Only! One! Problem! | | The Courier-Journal

    The Yum Center is nice.  I saw the Eagles there on Saturday.  It's difficult to get out of, though, and the cheap seats, I heard, are really bad.  I can't say first hand because I don't buy cheap seats -- I'm smart enough to know that they're cheap for a reason.

    The arena is brand new, so of course it's nice.  The seats are all nice and cushioned, and very comfortable.  It's an upgrade over Freedom Hall, but mostly for reasons of corporate boxes, seating more people, and the seats themselves.  The upper levels look as remote as those in Rupp, and from all accounts, just might be worse in terms of acoustics, at least. 

    The "beautiful" view of the Ohio river is largely a matter of taste -- it's okay at night, but it's hard to call the Ohio beautiful most of the time.  I'm just sayin'.

    As far as the "!", well, I just leave it out all the time.  But it doesn't bother me at all, it's just another corporate logo device.