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Kentucky Basketball: A History Of Big Blue Madness

Spam Hate, the handle of a UK fan I have known for a long time and who was in no small part responsible for my start in the online world of Kentucky sports commentary at his message board, Wildcat Maniacs (where I posted as blue2dabone), also has a great UK news, information, and fan site known as Spams Wildcat Page.  I am sure most of you have been there, or go there regularly like me.

Spam gave me a heads up about a feature on his page, which is a history and timeline of Big Blue Madness at Kentucky, along with some great commentary and background about the event.  Big Blue Madness has been around  27 years now, and some of us might have forgotten its roots, or just not thought about it for a while.

So if you haven't been over to Spam's place in a while, check out the history of Big Blue Madness and let it take you on a journey back through the years.  Remember some of the great teams, the great players, the great personalities that helped make Kentucky basketball the most storied college basketball program in America.

When you get done with that, if you have some Big Blue Madness stories to share, or just want to talk about what Big Blue Madness means to you, do so in the comments.

Let's get ready for some madness tonight!!!